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Professor Ioannis Liritzis

Research Areas: Archaeometry; Natural Sciences in Arts & Culture; Geosciences; Archaeoastronomy
Henan University (Distinguished Professor)
Key Research Institute of Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development & Collaborative Innovation Center on Yellow River Civilization

Email: liritzis@henu.edu.cn; ioannis@liritzis.eu

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Brief CV of Prof. Ioannis Liritzis

Professor Ioannis Liritzis is a PhD holder from Edinburgh University, Distinguished Professor at Henan University, China, and served as Full Professor of Archaeometry at the University of the Aegean, director & founder of the laboratory of Archaeometry (1999-2021). He has done postdoc research, collaborative work or teaching in MacMaster, Oxford, Edinburgh, Bordeaux, Cairo, Tennessee, San Diego California, Sohag Universities. His research & educational activities focus into the interdisciplinary field of Physics in Archaeology with three main contributions in dating (Luminescence, Obsidian Hydration & Metals) with parallel activities in Geophysics and preventive Conservation-Museology. He is Correspondent Member of the Academie des Sciences, Arts & Belles Lettres, Dijon and Dean of the European Academy of Sciences & Arts, Saltzburg; cited in the Who is Who in the World, and has Honorary Awards from the Universities of Edinburgh; Rhodes; Samara State Institute of Culture. His Book Archaeometry (1986) received a National Award by the Academy of Athens. He is in the Editorial Board (member, Editor or Editor-in-Chief) in 30 international Journals, and he has published or edited 30 books and over 300 papers in ICI journals.

Editorial Office

Ioannis Kontopoulos - Assistant Editor (University of Copenhagen)

Research Areas: Biomolecular Archaeology; Bone Diagenesis; Human Osteology
Email: ioannis.kontopoulos@sund.ku.dk
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Pantelis Volonakis - Production Editor (University of the Aegean)

Pantelis Volonakis is IT teacher in Secondary Education and he has a PhD from the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean.

Apostolos Vlachos - Assistant Web Editor (University of the Aegean)

Apostolos Vlachos is a PhD candidate at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean.

Anna Lazarou - Managing Editor (Henan University, Center for Hellenic Civilization)

Culturalist (archaeology, history of arts, cultural studies), PhD Univ. of Peloponnese.
Email: manageditor@maajournal.com
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Ion Andronache - Scientific Metrics Managing (Bucharest University)

Researcher at Research Centre for Integrated Analysis and Territorial Management, University of Bucharest, Romania (fractal analysis, geography and image analysis).
Email: ion.andronache@geo.unibuc.ro
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Editors - Archaeology
Editors - Archaeometry
Professor Anagnostis Agelarakis (Adelphi University)

Research Areas: Anthropology; Archaeology of Greece; Palaeoanthropology
Email: agelarakis@adelphi.edu
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Professor Geoffrey Braswell (University of California, San Diego)

Research Areas: Settlement Pattern Studies; Geoarchaeology; Lithic Production and Technology; Archaeometry; Mathematical Methods; Emergence of Complex Society and Economic Systems
Email: gbraswel@ucsd.edu
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Professor Michael Cosmopoulos (University of Missouri)

Research Areas: Greek Archaeology
Email: cosmopoulos@umsl.edu
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Professor Nena Galanidou (University of Crete)

Research Areas: Stone Age archaeology, public archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, archaeological history and method.
Email: galanidou@uoc.gr
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Professor Zeidan Kafafi (Yarmouk University)

Research Areas:Late prehistory and archaeology of the ancient Near East, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, President of Yarmouk University, Jordan.
Email: zeidank@yahoo.com
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Professor Thomas E. Levy (University of California, San Diego)

Research Areas: Prehistoric Archaeology and Anthropology of the Eastern Mediterranean-Near East
Email: tlevy@ucsd.edu
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Professor Niki Evelpidou (Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens)

Research Areas: Geomorphology, sea level changes, palaeogeography, geoarchaeology
Email: evelpidou@geol.uoa.gr
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Professor Julian Henderson (University of Nottingham)

Research Areas: Archaeological Science; Ancient Technologies; Iron Age Europe; Medieval Archaeology of the Near East and Western Europe; Silk Road
Email: julian.henderson@nottingham.ac.uk
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Professor Yiannis Karapanagiotis (Univ. Eccl. Academy of Thessaloniki)

Research Areas: Conservation, Physicochemical Techniques
Email: y.karapanagiotis@aeath.gr
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Dr Elena Pecchioni (Florence University)

Research Areas: Applied Petrography and Mineralogy in cultural materials (conservation of natural and artificial rock materials, diagnostic techniques and Materials for Conservation and Restoration)
Email: elena.pecchioni@unifi.it
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Professor Nikos Zacharias (University of Peloponnese)

Research Areas: Conservation; Luminescence Dating; Analytical Methods
Email: zacharias@uop.gr
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Editorial Board - Archaeology
Editorial Board - Archaeometry
Michelle Alexander (University of York)

Research Areas: Bioarchaeology; Isotopic Analysis of Historic period Human and Animal Populations in the UK and Europe
Email: michelle.alexander@york.ac.uk
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Anna Belfer-Cohen (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Research Areas: Evolution, Spread and Characteristics of Upper Paleolithic Entities; Burial Customs of Prehistoric Societies; Transition from Hunter-Gatherers to Sedentary Farmers; Evolution of Human Cognition
Email: belferac@mscc.huji.ac.il
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Vincenzo Bellelli (Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico-ISMA)

Research Areas: Etruscan Archaeology; Italian Archaeology; Mediterannean Archaeology
Email: vincenzo.bellelli@iscima.cnr.it
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Juan Antonio Belmonte Aviles (Instituto de Astrofisica, Spain)

Research Areas: Archaeoastronomy, Astronomy in Cultures
Email: jba@iac.es
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Robert Bednarik (Hebei Normal University)

Research Areas: Prehistoric Archaeology; Cognitive Archaeology; Cultural Anthropology; Rock Art
Email: robertbednarik@hotmail.com
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David Blackman (University of Oxford)

Research Areas: Marine Archaeology; Underwater Cultural Heritage; Harbours
Email: david.blackman@classics.ox.ac.uk
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Miao Changhong (Henan University)

Research Areas: Human Geography, Cultural heritage and sustainability
Email: chhmiao@henu.edu.cn
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John Coleman (Cornell University)

Research Areas: Classical Archaeology; Mediterranean Archaeology; Greece in Antiquity
Email: jec13@cornell.edu
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Jack L. Davis (University of Cincinnati)

Research Areas: Greek Archaeology; Aegean Prehistory; Survey Archaeology; Modern Greek History
Email: jack.davis@uc.edu
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Peter M. Day (University of Sheffield)

Research Areas: The technology of ceramics, Ethnographies of craft, The archaeology of the Aegean
Email: p.m.day@sheffield.ac.uk
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Gary Feinman (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Research Areas: Anthropology, ceramic analysis, Archaeology & Environmental Change, method and theory; MacArthur Curator of Mesoamerican, Central American, and East Asian Anthropology.
Email: gfeinman@fieldmuseum.org
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Cristian Gazdac (University of Cluj-Napoca)

Research Areas: Ancient history and archaeology.
Email: cgazdac2000@yahoo.co.uk
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Vladimir I. Ionesov (Samara Institute of Culture and Arts)

Research Areas: Cultural Archaeology; Transformation of Education to address Global Social, Cultural, Environmental and Economic Crises
Email: ionesov@mail.ru
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Stanislaw Iwaniszewski (Escuela Nacional de Anthropologia e Historia)

Research Areas: Archaeology of Identity; Landscape Archaeology; Archaeoastronomy
Email: siwanisz@yahoo.com
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Evagelia Kiriatzi (British School at Athens)

Research Areas: Technological Landscapes; Human Mobility; Ceramic Analysis; Aegean Archaeology; Ethnoarchaeology
Email: fldirector@bsa.ac.uk; e.kiriatzi@bsa.ac.uk
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Bernard Knapp (University of Glasgow)

Research Areas: Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Email: bernard.knapp@glasgow.ac.uk
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Janusz Kozlowski (University of Krakow)

Research Areas: Palaeolithic and Neolithic of Central, South Eastern Europe and North Africa; Neolithisation of Europe; Predynastic Cultures of Egypt; Early Seafaring and Island Archaeology (Aegean and Caribbean)
Email: janusz.kozlowski@uj.edu.pl
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Irene Lemos (University of Oxford)

Research Areas: Early Greek Archaeology and Art; State Formation in Early Greece from the Late Helladic IIIC to the Archaic period; Literacy; Late Bronze and Iron Age Exchange Patterns in the Mediterranean; Archaeology of Ionia
Email: irene.lemos@classics.ox.ac.uk
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Dr. Yan (Fiona) Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Research Areas:Archaeologcial Research during the Warring States and Han periods; Cultural Heritage along the Silk Roads; Lacquer Art of East Asia; Early Gold from an Interdisciplinary east-west perspective
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Ahmend Mansour (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

Research Areas:Writing and Scripts, history of ancient writings and languages, Egyptologist, hieroglyphs
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Argyro Nafplioti (British School at Athens)

Research Areas:Bioarchaeology, Isotope Geochemistry
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Efthymia Nikita (The Cyprus Institute)

Research Areas:Bioarchaeology
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Vana Orfanou (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Research Areas: Archaeologist specialised in Archaeological Science and the investigation of archaeometallurgical technology with a diachronic focus in European and Near Eastern Archaeology.
Email: vanaorfanou@gmail.com
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Mehmet Ozdogan (University of Istanbul)

Research Areas: Philosophy and Prehistoric Archaeology
Email: c.mozdo@gmail.com
More Info

Eva Pietroni (Virtual Heritage Lab of ITABC CNR)

Research Areas: Art historian, a conservation specialist of Cultural Heritage and a musician
Email: eva.pietroni@itabc.cnr.it
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Marta Santos Retolaza (Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empúries)

Research Areas: Excavation Techniques; Production and Distribution of Archaic Ceramics of the Western Mediterranean
Email: msantosr@gencat.cat
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John Schofield (University of York)

Research Areas: Cultural Heritage Management; Landscape Archaeology of the Contemporary Past; Conflict Archaeology
Email: john.schofield@york.ac.uk
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Chris Stevenson (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Research Areas: Anthropology; Abundant Natural Glasses; Obsidian Hydration Dating
Email: cmstevenson@vcu.edu
More Info

Simon Stoddart (University of Cambridge)

Research Areas: Human Landscapes; Material Culture; Central Mediterranean
Email: ss16@cam.ac.uk
More Info

Petros Themelis (University of Crete)

Research Areas: Greek Archaeology; Excavation Techniques
Email: pthemelis@hotmail.com; damophon@gmail.com
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Rene Treuil (University de Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Research Areas: Aegean Prehistory
More Info

Qin Zhen (Henan University)

Research Areas: Geoarchaeology in prehistoric periods, paleoclimates
Email: qinzhen@henu.edu.cn
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Omar Abdel-Kareem (Cairo University)

Research Areas: Monument Conservation
Email: omaa67@yahoo.com
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Grzegorz Adamiec (Silesian University of Technology)

Research Areas: Luminescence dating
Email: grzegorz.adamiec@polsl.pl
More Info

Linto Alappat (Christ College Autonomous)

Research Areas: Geology; Geomorphology; Palaeoclimatology
Email: alappatlinto@gmail.com
More Info

Mohamed Algohary (Sohag University)

Research Areas: Ancient Monument & Artifact Conservation
Email: m_1968_algohary@yahoo.com
More Info

Juan Barcelo (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Research Areas: Computer Applications in Archaeology; Quantitative Archaeology
Email: juanantonio.barcelo@uab.es
More Info

Gerard Barrett (Queen's University Belfast)

Research Areas: Radiocarbon dating, School of Natural and Built Environment Environmental Change and Resilience
Email: g.barrett@qub.ac.uk
More Info

Cathy Batt (University of Bradford)

Research Areas: Magnetic properties of Archaeological Materials; Scientific Dating
Email: c.m.batt@bradford.ac.uk; archaeomagnetism@bradford.ac.uk
More Info

Joachim Burger (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Research Areas: Molecular Genetics of Prehistoric, Historic and Fossil Remains
Email: jburger@uni-mainz.de
More Info

Maria Perla Colombini (Università di Pisa)

Research Areas: Chromatography; Analytical Method Development; Mass Spectrometry
Email: maria.perla.colombini@unipi.it
More Info

Paul Craddock (The British Museum)

Research Areas: History of Metallurgy
Email: pcraddock@thebritishmuseum.ac.uk

Martin P. Evison (Northumbria University)

Research Areas: Genetics Archaeology and Culture
Email: martin.evison@northumbria.ac.uk
More Info

Maurizio Forte (Duke University)

Research Areas: Virtual Reality in Archaeology; Digital Archaeology; Cybernetics; Spatial Technologies; 3D Documentation; Virtual Reconstruction of Archaeological Landscapes
Email: maurizio.forte@duke.edu
More Info

Andreas Georgopoulos (National Technical University of Athens)

Research Areas: Photogrammetry, Digital and Analytical Photogrammetry and Applications in cultural heritage
Email: drag@central.ntua.gr
More Info

Michael Glascock (University of Missouri)

Research Areas: Archaeology; Archaeometry; NAA and Gamma-ray Spectroscopy; Geochemistry; Environmental Science
Email: glascockm@missouri.edu
More Info

Luis Hernandez Ibanez (University of Coruna)

Research Areas: Virtual reality; Virtual heritage; Virtual Archaeology
Email: luis.hernandez@udc.es
More Info

Ioannis Iliopoulos (University of Patras)

Research Areas: Geoarchaeology; Characterization; Petrology of archaeomaterials
Email: morel@upatras.gr
More Info

Elena Kranioti (University of Crete)

Research Areas: Forensic Medicine; Forensic Anthropology; Osteoarchaeology; Bioarchaeology
Email: ekranioti@uoc.gr
More Info

Philippe Lanos (Université de Bordeaux 3 and Université de Rennes 1)

Research Areas: Archaeomagnetism; Geosciences
Email: philippe.lanos@univ-rennes1.fr
More Info

Nicola Lercari (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Research Areas: Computing in Social science, Arts and Humanities, Geoinformatics (GIS), Remote Sensing, Archaeology, Digital cultural heritage, Digital humanities, 3-D reconstruction, GIS and spatial analysis, Historic preservation (Heritage conservation), Museum studies, Augmented and Virtual Reality
Email: lercari@dkes.fak12.lmu.de
More Info

Marisol Madrid (University of Barcelona)

Research Areas: Archaeometry; Classic Archaeology; Ceramics
Email: mmadrid@ub.edu
More Info

Giulio Magli (Politecnico di Milano)

Research Areas: Architecture; Archaeoastronomy
Email: giulio.magli@polimi.it
More Info

Antonia Moropoulou (National Technical University of Athens)

Research Areas: Physical chemistry and nanomaterials, cultural environment, conservation of monuments, protection of cultural heritage
Email: amoropul@central.ntua.gr
More Info

Rocco Mazzeo (University of Bologna)

Research Areas: Conservation
Email: rocco.mazzeo@unibo.it
More Info

Christophe Morhange (Université d'Aix-Marseille)

Research Areas: Coastal Geoarchaeology; Landscape Archaeology; Mediterranean Geography
Email: morhange@cerege.fr
More Info

Anna Pazdur (Silesian University of Technology)

Research Areas: Scientific Dating
Email: anna.pazdur@polsl.pl
More Info

Vassilis Perdikatsis (Technical University of Crete)

Research Areas: Wastewater Treatment; Soil Chemistry; XRD Analysis; X-ray Diffraction; Microscopy; Geochemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental Analysis; Crystal Structure; Powder X-ray Diffraction
Email: vperdik@mred.tuc.gr
More Info

George Polymeris (NCSR Demokritos)

Research Areas: Luminescence (OSL, TL) Dating, Archaeomaterials, archaeometry, archaeological science
Email: gspolymeris@ankara.edu.tr
More Info

Paula Reimer (Queen's University Belfast)

Research Areas: Radiocarbon Dating; Quaternary; Paleoecology; Geochemistry
Email: p.j.reimer@qub.ac.uk
More Info

Gilad Shtienberg (University of California, San Diego)

Research Areas: Geoarchaeology, Palaeo-landscape reconstruction, Anthropogenic processes effecting soil and landscape
Email: gshtienberg@ucsd.edu
More Info

Jurgen Schulze (University of California, San Diego)

Research Areas: Computer Sciences in Archaeology; Scientific Visualization (Immersive virtual reality, Visual data analytics, Volume rendering); Human-Computer Interaction (3D user interface design and evaluation, Augmented reality, Mobile devices for graphics applications)
Email: jschulze@ucsd.edu
More Info

Ashok Singhvi (Deserts Physical Research Laboratory-PRL)

Research Areas: Geology; Luminescence; Paleoclimates; Geochronology
Email: singhvi@prl.res.in
More Info

Rob Sternberg (Franklin & Marshall College)

Research Areas: Geophysical Prospection; Archaeomagnetic Studies
Email: rob.sternberg@fandm.edu
More Info

Gregory Tsokas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Research Areas: Application of Geophysical Techniques to Environmental, Geotechnical, Hydrogeological and Archaeological Prospection
Email: gtsokas@geo.auth.gr
More Info

Robert H. Tykot (University of South Florida)

Research Areas: Archaeological Science; Mediterranean Prehistory; Old World Archaeology; Ancient Diets; Bone Chemistry; Exchange Studies; Obsidian; Marble; Sardinia; Sicily
Email: rtykot@usf.edu
More Info

Andreas Vött (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Research Areas: Coastal Geomorphology; Natural Risk Research; Geoarcheology; Paleogeography; Landscape Ecology
Email: voett@uni-mainz.de
More Info

Kevin Walsh (University of York)

Research Areas: Geoarchaeology; Archaeology of Mediterranean Landscapes
Email: kevin.walsh@york.ac.uk
More Info

Steve Weiner (Kimmel center for Archaeological Science)

Research Areas: Microarchaeology; Biomolecular Archaeology; Structural Biology
Email: steve.weiner@weizmann.ac.il
More Info

Ian Whitbread (University of Leicester)

Research Areas: Analysis of Ancient Ceramic Materials (trade/exchange and the socially embedded nature of technology)
Email: ikw3@le.ac.uk
More Info

Zhanyun Zhu (Xiamen University)

Research Areas: Scientific analysis of cultural relics/archaeometry/conservation
Email: zhanyun.zhu@xmu.edu.cn
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